Demo Reel

Professional Work 

BeatBowWow | Paws Up
Responsible for Beatbo textures, Boogie textures, Compositing

Laugh and Learn | Learning About Weather Together
Responsible for overall look, Puppy Textures, Compositing

Little People Classic | Tessa - You Don't Have to Be a Girl to Twirl
Responsible for Kid's Textures, Backgrounds, Compositing, Chicken + Cow Model, Cow Textures, and Some Prop Textures.

Little People Classic | Eddie - Zoom Boing Boom
Responsible for Modeling Eddie, Bird +  Frog, Kid's Textures, Bird + Frog Concept, Backgrounds, and Compositing.

Little People Classic | Sophie - Art Makes Me Smart
Responsible for Sofie's Textures, Backgrounds, Sofie's Drawings, Intro Compositing, Chicken Concept +  Model, and some Prop Textures

Little People Classic | Mia - If You're Shy
Responsible for Eddie + Bird Models, Turtle + Butterfly Textures, Backgrounds, Compositing

Little People Classic | Mia - If You're Shy
Responsible for Kid's Textures, Eddie Model, Chicken + Cow Models, Chicken +  Fish Concept, Backgrounds, Intro Compositing.


Concepts + Characters

Fine Art

Demo Reel


Meet The Author

Hello, I'm Joy Hua. I am a professional 3D Texture Artist working for Fisher Price. I'm currently focusing on characters starting from concept to 3D renders.



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